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Let us provide the complete window…  stained glass, aluminum frames, and protective storm covering.

Custom Fabricated Aluminum Frames

Our aluminum frames system is custom designed and fabricated in-house.  We have 2 frame systems specifically designed for use with stained glass.

  • 4-inch Double Glaze System:  Accommodates stained glass and 1/4-inch thick clear protective storm glass.
  • 5-inch Triple Glaze System:  Accommodates stained glass and 1-inch thick energy efficient insulated glass.

Both systems are fabricated using heavy gauge aluminum frame material with snap-in aluminum stops for securing the stained glass and protection glass.

Frames are available in stock colors of white and dark bronze.  Custom colors are also available for a small additional charge.

Single sourcing stained glass, protection glass and frames ensures a smooth installation and reduces lead-time typically associated with other frame systems.